‘Unstained Mind in a Pure Land’ Triptychs 8″x8″ original watercolor painting

11424655_966940289990928_6923239951917208182_o 10441251_966940306657593_8115536936203034961_n 10924693_966940316657592_610350586627699898_n


This painting includes 3 pieces (upper, middle and lower pieces). The size of each piece is 8″x8″.

The lotus is an emblem of creation and rebirth. It is also a symbol of the sun because at nightfall it closes and goes beneath the water and at dawn climbs above the water to reopen. It is the only plant to flower and bear fruit at the same time. It emerges as pure white from the depths of the muddy swamp and grows above the water.

Chinese have called the lotus ‘gentleman flower’ since ancient times. Although it grows out of mud, lotus blooms are pure and untainted. This is the ideal trait to maintain a peaceful world.

If this painting attracts your eyes, please stop and feel the wonder. Take a deep breath of fresh air, let any mess leave your mind. Be the purity of a lotus blossom.


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