Passionate Summer /polyptychs 8″x 8″ original watercolor painting / 9 pieces paintings of 8″x 8″

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I have finished my 9 pieces yesterday. This painting includes 9 pieces. The size of each piece is 8″x8″.

Summer Flowers add brilliant color and beauty to the landscape through the heat of summer and until frost, with only minimum care. Summer is a time of beauty and abundance with Summer Flowers in the garden.

I love many types of flowers, lilies, roses, hibiscuses, sweet peas, irises and more. I want to see all of them in my room all year. But flowers can’t stay long. After a week, they wither in front of me despite my love and care. Picking and changing fresh flowers in my home every week is a big task for busy people. How can you bring passionate summer flowers to your home everyday? Do you think these original watercolor paintings can help?

If these paintings attract your eyes, please stop and feel the wonder. Take a deep breath of fresh air, let any mess leave your mind. Be the passion of summer flowers.


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